Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Art for Mer

So when I first moved to California, I drove down to Ensenada, Mexico (it's about an hour and a half into Mexico from San Diego) and found a cute little boutique called Casa Ramirez in the village. SO CUTE! I bought a few pieces of art from this very sweet and heartwarming artist named Vico.

This weekend at Artwalk, I found that the artist actually had a booth, and I was so excited to meet the man whose art I've displayed in my bathroom for several years and stimulated many conversations and compliments. I bought an original acrylic piece for my bedroom and am thrilled! It's my first REAL piece of art, complete with a certificate of authenticity. The picture to the right isn't the actual piece, but it's an example of Vico's work. The same small-headed, large bodied lady is the character in my new piece, but she's not a mermaid in my new piece. She's nude at her dressing table, fixing her hair. It's very sweet.

For more info about my fave local artist, check this out:

Anyway, this was an exciting moment for The Mer Show, so I thought I'd share. Original art! :)

Love, Mer

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