Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Favorite Artist - Frida Kahlo

Ever since I was a kid, and wrote a report on Frida Kahlo, I've been fascinated with her work. She's definitely my favorite artist of all time, and I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year (which was pretty funny, because she's known for her unibrow, which I drew in)!

Looks like her work is going to be at the Museum of Fine Arts Palace for several months in Mexico City this summer, as it would have been Frida's 100th birthday this year. I wish I could go SO BADLY - it would be amazing to see over 350 of her original paintings in person...

But meanwhile, here are a few samples of her most famous paintings. Obviously, most of her works were self portraits - she was in a very serious accident which left her badly injured, and went through a great deal of trauma in her life. This was the way that she healed her heart - painting.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Love, Mer

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