Monday, May 07, 2007

Vegas Update

Well, it's Monday again and I'm back to the real world. I had a good time with the parental unit - we did a lot of eating, shopping, slot machine playing, and WALKING! My parents are the kinds of people that like to see *everything* when they travel, so there's not a lot of downtime for hanging by the pool, eating leisurely lunches, napping, or sitting down and chatting over cocktails. By the time I got to Vegas (we stayed at Paris), they had seen Celine Dion in concert, gone to the Liberace museum, the classic car museum, gone to Red Rock Canyon, eaten a buffet, and done a LOT. When I got there, we had dinner at Cheesecake Factor in the Forum Shops in Caesar's, saw O at Bellagio, visited the Wynn and Fashion Show Mall, visited the Venetian and the shops there, played the nickel slot machines (freakin' Wheel of Fortune!!!!), ate another buffet, and went to the outlet mall in Henderson. WHEW - it was a whirlwind trip and I was exhausted when I got home!!

Meanwhile, three major things were going on this past weekend in Vegas - the DeLaHoya fight, Cinco de Mayo, and the Kentucky Derby. It was a zoo there this weekend and pretty much everyone I know was there, except Mike and Nat, thank God, because they cared for my pee machine, Baci, while I was gone. GIGANTIC THANKS to them for watching my sweet furball!!! Sorry he ate your chair, Mike... :(

I didn't get my bet placed for the fight or the Derby, but it's a good thing I didn't, because I would have lost. I had my money on the horse Tiago, but he was nowhere near the front. And I would have gone with Oscar, too, so I guess I saved myself $20! In related news, my girlfriend Roni actually attended the Kentucky Derby this year and I promised her last week that I'm going with her next year. I can't wait!

So like I said, it's back to real life now. And back to OPERATION FATASS, everyone! The goal: 7 lb loss by June 1st to achieve my perfect weight. If you spy me eating crap I'm not supposed to, please feel free to snatch it from me and eat it yourself, or dispose of it any way you like! I've got spinning tonight at 6:00, so hopefully getting past that first big hurdle after taking a month or so off, will launch me into the mode. Wish me luck!

OK, have a great week, friends. Love, Mer

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