Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today in The News

I'm so disgruntled with today's political news. Congress passed a bill to create a deadline for bringing our troops home from the Baghdad bloodbath, and Bush vetoed it. The House wasn't able to override the veto, so now Congressional leaders are scrambling to create a new bill which will allow the funding to be released so that operations can continue without disruption. Seriously - what is going ON?! Who's on first? Only this picture can truly convey the frustration I feel about our leaders who are leading the efforts in Iraq.

I just hope that now that the deadline is scrapped, that the troops that are serving there are afforded the tools, training, and supplies that they need to get things under control there and get home safely and SWIFTLY. 3,300 American soldiers have already perished in Iraq; I'm praying for a bipartisan solution that will ensure that number doesn't rise much higher.


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