Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thoughts on Reality TV

So last night I watched the finale of The Bachelor, the final performances of Dancing With the Stars, and I guess tomorrow night is the finale of American Idol.

First of all, I don't watch American Idol for the most part, but I did watch one night where the kid, Blake, who's duking it out for the title with Jordin, sang Imagine, by John Lennon, and it sounded like a high school talent show. Who's been voting for that guy? And apparently his real schtick is beatboxing? That may be cool for one song, but for an entire career? And I guess the Melinda girl was a really good singer, too, but she got voted off early... America is a strange place, no?

And let's discuss The Bachelor. Recently the casting people from ABC came to SD for a casting call, and I thought about attending the tryouts for about 5 seconds. And then I thought about it... what if the guy I'm seeing is dating other people right in front me? I wouldn't do well with that... ANYWAY, I was totally expecting Andy to pick Bevin - they seemed so in love, so natural together, and their energy was just electric!!! I was shocked when he chose Tessa... And when I think about it, I've been shocked every single time the Bachelor has chosen a fiancee. Does that mean I just think differently about relationships than everyone else on the planet? Is that why I'm divorced and unhappily single (but working on the happy part of singlehood...)? But then again, NONE of the Bachelors have worked out with their intended... so maybe I AM right! Either way, there's probably no correlation! :)

And lastly - my favorite, Dancing With the Stars. You might remember that my vote, pre-season, was for Joey Fatone, former N'SYNC star, and it still is! Their Last Dance, disco-themed number last night was TO DIE FOR. I was literally dancing in the living room along with Joey and Kym, with Jasmine and Baci circling me, wiggling, and barking. They loved it too!!! But anyway, I can't wait to watch the finals tonight while preparing my lemonade elixir that will be my meals for the next 10 days!

Well friends, have a great night! I'm off to the dentist... No whammies!

Love, Mer

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